What Chamber Professionals Need to Succeed!

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To succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, chamber officials must keep up-to-date on management issues and chamber practices. As a response to this demand, the University of Oklahoma in partnership with chamber professionals from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, offers the opportunity for career-minded professionals to advance in knowledge and respect by earning our Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Chamber Management by completing Fundamentals of Chamber Management I, and Advanced Chamber Management II, and III.  Through a unique partnership with regional, state and local chambers, we can provide you with the training and resources you need to develop your chamber. Join us this year!

OU's Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence has been established to provide you with the skills needed to enhance the value of your chamber to your business community.

Participation Will Provide You With:

  • Networking opportunities with other chamber professionals from Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Insights on economic development and tourism
  • Recruitment and member retention techniques
  • Key information on management, legal, and financial issues
  • Knowledge to help businesses grow
  • Developments impacting the chamber profession
  • Up-to-the-minute issues on public policy (legislative advocacy)
Professional Development


Who Should Attend?

This program is designed to provide a quality professional development opportunity at an affordable price. With the addition of the Advanced Studies, the Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence will provide an outstanding educational experience for the new chamber executive, staff member or seasoned professional. With a faculty that brings many years of experience, the Center should help you meet the challenges of operating a dynamic chamber of commerce in a rapidly changing environment.

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Hosted by Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

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Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives   

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